I Keep Reminding My Students at Kiams That Finance Is Pretty Much Like Life Itself – Not a 100 Meter

I Keep Reminding My Students at Kiams That Finance Is Pretty Much Like Life Itself – Not a 100 Meter


Way back in 2001, Mr. Atul Kulkarni was an enigma to both students and faculty members at KIAMS. Why a practicing - and flourishing - Chartered Accountant should take up a full-time faculty position in management education was beyond their comprehension; even his friends and erstwhile colleagues believed he was in KIAMS for a break of sorts. They thought he'd be back to where he came from within a couple of years. They couldn't have been more wrong.

"My association with KIAMS is nearly 13 years old now. I did not enter it on a whim, or for a break. I was looking for a good B-school where I could polish my capabilities as a teacher. I wanted to understand the profession thoroughly. My association with KIAMS started as full-time faculty and has now evolved into visiting faculty."

Mr. Kulkarni's evolution has truly been inspiring. Having metamorphosed into an accomplished teacher at KIAMS, he was snapped up by Infosys in 2006 to set up its Centre of Excellence for finance and accounting at its Bangalore BPO. As the Head F&A CoE, Infosys, Mr. Kulkarni effectively developed domain training programmes across all levels in the organisation. By March 2010, he realised that his job at Infosys was done, and rather than shift to a different corporate house, he decided to freelance; thus making his expertise available to many other players in the industry.

"Ever since March 2010, I have conducted trainings in organisations of all shapes, sizes and nature across India. They include companies like Accenture, Intelenet and GMR. Since I am on the panel of approved trainers for Addecco, I have conducted various programmes for their clients as well."

Mr. Kulkarni feels that whatever the domain, setting of training objectives and understanding those objectives are essential for effective results.

"You imbibe different values when you work at different organisations and tend to carry them forward to the new organisation. But when you are by yourself, not only is your learning curve really steep, but you also start valuing little things which you would've ignored earlier. Today, if I need to get a print-out, I think ten times about wastage of paper. Yes, having worked at Infosys matters; it is a value driven company. But going solo is a different ball game altogether, and it makes you think about the importance of instilling a sense of ownership... in a company or a B-school like KIAMS; as faculty or as a student."

He feels that while the current outlook might be gloomy, Finance is an evergreen field. In fact, a down precedes a high, and therefore opportunities in Finance are only going to expand; be it banking, insurance or the stock market.

I keep reminding my students at KIAMS that finance is pretty much like life itself - not a 100 meters race, but a marathon. Very often I see students panic when they see things on the downturn. The essence of long- term success lies in your ability to withstand these short- term downturns, and develop yourself in the process. Instead of looking for places where opportunities are, you should first see what you are made for.

Nourishing The Growth of Corporate World

India is growing considerably and the fertilizers of this growth are education & training programs throughout the country. They nourish, groom and protect the growth of the people of the country and unveil new horizons for them. They stand as prism which radiates the brilliance of people all around.

This prism comprising of variant education & training programs, also includes Corporate Trainings which are enhancing the knowledge of professionals and polishing their skills in today's corporate world. They are based upon various subjects and organized as per the segments, interests, course of study etc. For instance, training about the newly arrived software will direct to software people while new marketing strategies will be communicated to marketing personnel.

There are many corporate organizations which are organizing these Corporate Training programs for their employees nowadays and trusts upon Education Consultants for it. Their vision is to enhance the productivity of their organization by polishing the skills & knowledge of their staff. It's a two way thing, the organization is organizing these tutorial classes or training sessions for its employees so that they are one step ahead than the others. It's a way in which there is sharing of knowledge and understanding the current market scenarios, first hand with the help of the experts from relevant industries. Even though the trained employee is working for the organization goals, there is learning, development and most of all growth on both ends. Everyone is benefitting.

The Corporate Training Programs in India is generally organized upon a wider platform and in the form of seminars or educational events to make it more appealing, communicative and productive in the end. In general, it includes the assembly of thousands of people and gathers the intellectuals and scholars from a larger region of the globe. In these events, intellectuals & scholars makes a significant part which affects the program, while the Education Consultants are the centre point to lead it.

Altogether, these training programs are need of today and have become a significant part of the contemporary world. It is strengthening today's world and also paving a better path for future ahead. On the other hand, it also sets an example for the others and other organizations to utilize such methods for improving the overall productivity and growth. This work of education consultants is truly commendable as they are the ones who help in achieving the goals or provide the employees and firms with the desired results.

What Is Accreditation? Why Is It Necessary To Have An Accredited Degree Only?

What is accreditation?

Accreditation as the dictionary goes means official approval or recognition. This means that an organization that is accredited like Ashwood University, Rochville university etc. Accreditation enables the degree to be recognized as an official approved document and thus you are not faced with any complications.

Who does accreditation?

There are certain organizations that are set about to accredit universities like Ashwood by checking on the standards and if they are able to fulfill certain criteria?s. These agencies are completely partial bodies and offer unbiased opinion. There is a certain procedure that they follow and work with certain strict rules and regulations.

How Accreditation Works

Accreditation organizations look at every detail of a school, making sure it meets standards to give you the best education for your money. These accrediting agencies aren't connected to the schools, so they can offer an unbiased opinion. They use a specific procedure when considering a school for accreditation. That is why institutes like Ashwood University and Rochville University maintain their standards.

How you check on accreditation

You can check about online universities through the Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA). There you will get a list of all online universities that are accredited. You will find the likes of Ashwood University and Rochville University there.

What is the advantage of getting an accredited degree?

An accredited university will enable you to have a safe future in the sense that your degree will be accepted everywhere you go and it cannot be challenged. No future employer would be able to turn you down because of the legitimacy of your degree.

The Role Of Plagiarism-detection Software

In their efforts to deter plagiarism, many universities are using plagiarism-detection software. To be more precise, however, the most popular software products like Turnitin and SafeAssignment compare students? submissions to databases composed of journal articles, news reports, and student research papers to identify ?matches.? These matches indicate reasons for additional investigation by professors, but do not prove that acts of plagiarism have occurred.

A recent study at Texas Tech identified 400 papers submitted by students that were identified by plagiarism software as having ?matches? with existing works. Further investigation; however, revealed only two of the students? papers were actually found to be plagiarized.

This research suggests we might have a serious misconception of what these plagiarism-detection software products really do. Perhaps to name ?plagiarism detection? is misplaced, in terms of describing what these products do and their appropriate role. They don?t so much detect plagiarism as much as they identify elements of students? submissions that match to work of others. Thus, instances where students have used common jargon or phrases in their work can be expected for inclusion in the reports generate by most plagiarism-detection software products.

We are learning the proper role of plagiarism-detection software is to cast a very wide net that identifies only potential acts of plagiarism along with many appropriate uses of popular terms and phrases. Thus, these software products are only one tool in a university?s program of identifying and deterring plagiarism. Perhaps the most valuable role plagiarism-detection software can play is to deter students from copying the work of others. Students will be much less likely to knowingly commit acts of plagiarism if the know their submissions will be evaluated by plagiarism-detection software.

Become a Lawyer Without Going to School

When life throws you a curveball, sometimes the first casualty is your dream. There are sob stories of students having to drop from the School of Law because life decides to intervene: an unplanned pregnancy, death in the family, and maybe the downturn in the economy has made it impossible to find extra money to continue with your studies. The technology today is making it impossible to reconnect with your aspirations without ever going back to the four corners of school.

Guilt-free law degree

In just 140 quarter units, or about four years for those who haven't taken yet a single unit in the law program, you can earn your Juries Doctor degree without suffering from the guilt of having to leave your small child at home, or your ailing mother, or dip into the family savings. You can stay in the comforts of your home provided that you have high-speed broadband Internet for online discussions. There are just so many options when you become a member of the State Bar of California. But first you must pass the "baby bar," which refers to the first-year law students' exam, the general bar exam or the moral character evaluation. You don't even have to be in litigation and work in education, corporation, law enforcement, and health care.

Fitting a triangle in a square peg

You have been going to a formal institution since prep-school. You may have noticed favouritism or discrimination on the appearance of students, the color of their skin or the way they dress. Some students' grades suffer because they are too shy to stand up even when they know the answer. These problems are avoided when you are judged by the strength of your argument in the papers you submit. Besides, you can't expect a generic teaching method to be equally effective in a class of 50, for example. An online law program has the advantage of one-on-one mentoring or lively interaction with classmates on group activities.

More options available

Some online universities offer you three options: you can attend live streaming of lectures and join the discussion through chat; record the online lectures and view them at your convenient time; or when you are near the school, drop by from time to time if you want to feel again the classroom experience. The best thing is you can leave anytime you want and watch the lecture later on. With online law program, you have full control of your future.

Scholarships, Fellowships And Government Grants, Oh My!

Nearly every student is eligible to receive free funding for his or her education expenses. Both the U.S. Federal and State Governments, as well as private organizations, offer free money to assist students with paying for a college education.

This is money that never has to be repaid! These free funds come in the form of Scholarships, Fellowships, Internships and also Government Grants. In this article, we will clear up some confusion about what these are and how you can use them to pay for your education.

Your first step should be to obtain a FAFSA document (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You can acquire one of these applications from the college you plan to attend or, online by following the steps at:

You will want to fully complete and send in this document by the deadline. For future reference, you will need to do this every year to continue to remain eligible for government funded financial aid. This single application is the key to numerous federally funded programs. Once your application is processed, you will receive a statement in the mail that lets you know how much funding you are eligible for.

If you find out that the amount of funding you qualify for still doesn't meet your needs, you can pursue additional private and government grants, scholarships and other programs. You can search online for for student grants and scholarships that you may also qualify for. This is often a tedious task, but careful research can uncover some excellent opportunities.

What is the difference between a Scholarship, Fellowship and a Grant?

Scholarships & Fellowships - Scholarships and fellowships are very similar, the term fellowship is generally applied to post graduate studies, while scholarship generally defines undergraduate awards. Scholarships can be funded with either public or private moneys. Oftentimes, you must qualify for a scholarship by having good grades and SAT scores. There are also scholarships that award students for their excellence in sports. You will find that there are also many unusual scholarships and fellowships available that cater to students with various other qualifications.

Government Grants - Government grants for college are government funds set aside to assist people in raising funds for school. There are numerous government grants that students can take advantage of, in conjunction with scholarships to enable you to pay for college. Your best asset here is the FAFSA document, that we discussed earlier.

As you can see, government grants, scholarships and more are available to help you pay for college. All you need to do is due diligence, a bit of paperwork and perhaps some research and you will uncover more funding options than you knew existed.

Thing to Check While Taking Admission for a Professional Course

Today, there is a flood of such institutions which offer interior design training course or Diploma course in IAD. But if you really want achieve success in your career then, you have to very conscious while selecting an institution for yourself. So, here we are providing guidelines that will help you to select school of interior design or institute for any other course.

Faculty- Faculty is the backbone of every institute. The credibility of the institute depends on the skills and qualification of its faculty. These are people who are going to teach and train you. Also there should be a balance ration of guest faculty and permanent faculty as it shows that how are the contacts of institute in the industry. If a college don't invite guest lecturers and solely depend on full time faculty, then better to cross that college from your list.

Authenticity of information- Today institutes appoint PR personnel's for creating a positive image of their institute in every media. They also have people in social, electronic and print media for creating hype for their college, for example, a xyz institute is the best interior architecture institute of Delhi on the basis of number of placements. This hype increased the number of applicants for that college. Therefore check the authenticity of information regarding the college. Moreover a college which is actually good doesn't need to brag about its quality.

Alumnus- Meeting an ex student is the best way to know about the genuineness of the institute. But you should meet someone who is recently passed out from that institute. Meeting a student who has passed out some 5-6 years ago is of no use because they won't able to tell you the current situation.

Return on Investment- Getting admission in a good college alone is not sufficient enough. It should be in your budget. There are colleges which are charging very high amount of fees, but not able to provide placement as per the investment. In such case you should avoid that college as it won't be able to give you fruitful results of your investment.

But you should also remember that more than college it is your own hard work and determination which will lead you to the success. So give your best efforts, and try to make most out of the opportunity provided by the institute.

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Arizona Community Colleges…revealed!

Finding good community colleges in Arizona can be quite a challenge. When I first started taking courses working towards my Associates from Arizona community colleges, I was quite disappointed. At all of the Arizona community colleges that I tried, it was like the professors were not even there. Neither were the students for that matter. Everyone in my Arizona community colleges courses just seemed to remind me of lazy jellyfish in the sea, just drifting along, only studying enough to pass the test with a medium grade, and go on to the next class. They were extreme slackers.

I can not figure out for the life of me what any of these people were planning to do at all. Did they think that this attitude that let them just drift by in Arizona community colleges would lead them to succeed in Arizona universities? And if they were not even planning on going on to a 4 year undergraduate program, why would they enroll in their Arizona community college courses at all? Someone would only do that when he or she they wanted to enjoy the class and really put some efforts into it.

My experience with Arizona community colleges was so terrible that for a while, I took online college programs. I sort of felt bad for myself for dropping my classes in Arizona community colleges, but I did not see any other alternatives. I did not want to hang around with bad students who did not really even want to be in the community college classes that they were taking.

With the online college courses, at least I could study by myself and not worry about the other people annoying me all of the time. It is hard to understand how much bad students in Arizona community colleges can really put their toll on you if you are compelled to spend hours with them every single week. I know this might sound snobbish, but it is really true, no joke.

Once I started taking my online degree programs, though, things started picking up almost right away. It was so exciting and relieving to think that I could earn a degree without even setting foot in any of those traumatizing Arizona community colleges again, that I just got completely psyched up for it. Although I think that it still might be better to work in person with a teacher, online degree programs have the great advantage. They let you work for your own degree on your own time and schedule, at your own pace. And that is not something that you should take lightly.

Choose The Best MBA Institute in Kolkata And be a Professional Soon

Computers have conquered every office and software as a business is growing tremendously. The world is looking ahead for paperless office, interactive customer service, and high end productivity in all sectors. Such is the impact of IT on the Third World. Are you worried or confused about your career amidst so many options? Here are a few courses that help you to get high salary package once you complete your degree.

Master in business administration popularly known as MBA is a crucial business degree. If you aspire to be in a managerial position in a company, a MBA degree is a must. Take admission in a MBA Institute in Kolkataafter graduation for better career prospects in the Corporate World. MBA is considered as the best qualification related to business studies. Gaining admission in one of the top MBA colleges in Kolkata is a matter of absolute stimulation. Now there are many business schools cropping up in the city and most of them offer placement assistance. A MBA degree in Kolkata costs about 2-3 lakhs so you can consider it as a good investment. Once you complete the MBA degree you will be placed in a good company where you will be drawing high salary packages.

Are you aspiring to become a software professional? Information Technology is growing at a rapid pace so now companies lay emphasis on certifications. Pursue a BCA degree right after your 10+2. Once you have joined a BCA Institute in Kolkata, you can almost think that your career dream will come true. Colleges in Kolkata offer this course at a decent fee so finance will not be a hindrance. The course is so designed so that the candidate gets to learn the crucial areas of industrial computing, information systems, applications and computer science. By the end of the course you get to design and develop software. The rich education course outline of Bachelor of Computer Application brings computers at your fingertips. If you are unable to pursue a full time course then there are also colleges offering distance learning. Once you have completed your BCA it is recommended to take admission in a well-known MCA Institute in Kolkata. You are definitely eligible for a job after BCA but a master's degree will give a better opportunity like you can also have the opportunity to travel abroad for your new job.

Achieve your dreams today!

Choosing A College In London

There are many higher education Colleges in London which are offering vast range of courses and this makes the task of choosing your college more difficult. There are many factors which are considered when we look for a college course in London. You must consider those factors according to your need before selecting a college for a certain course. On one hand, it will be difficult to deal with some factors, while on the other hand it will be easy to deal with some other factors as you will have no control over them. Three most important factors which need to be considered are given below.

(1) Location of College. This is the most important factor. As London is divided into large number of different areas. Each area has its own environment and you may choose a college on the basis of its location. For example, you could select a college which is located in the center of London. As you may guess, this can be an exciting place to live as there is always a lot going on in London. But at the same time there is a downside to this choice, as living in the right center of London can be more expensive in terms of living costs and accommodation.

(2) Subject or course you wish to study. There is the possibility that you have already made your mind about what to study before you started looking for places to study but still you can change your mind. Every subject can offer variety of courses. In some of these you will find your main subject linked with other related subject areas. Some time it becomes more interesting to study a special course than straight-forward study. However, you must think again and again before choosing a particular subject.

(3) Level of course. Course level is important in two aspects. One is the starting level and other is the level of qualification which you obtain on completion. In most cases, A Level is considered as the starting level for a bachelor?s degree however, entry requirements for courses are becoming easier today than they ever were.